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Knowledge Management = KM cannot be trapped in one single academic "silo" nor does it lend itself to single-minded practitioners. This is clearly demonstrated in this, Hunter's latest book The Power of KM. KM, in order to be successful, must follow a systems approach like, for example, the multi-track diplomacy concept, incorporating all facets of life and learning. KM's successful emergence as a powerful instrument surpasses chaos and inspires all people at any level of society to ultimately lay the foundation to a collective framework for peace. Read this book and you will be immensely enriched.

— John W. McDonald, U.S. Ambassador ret., Chairman and CEO Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy and Christel McDonald

As an evolution biologist and futurist, I find The Power of KM a wonderful demonstration of conscious evolution in action, providing us a holistic strategy for implementing Knowledge Management in business, social and other institutions and organizations, as well as in our personal lives. It is about bringing much needed wisdom into our world and I love Hunter’s idea of creating a globally-linked network of KM Communities as a way to address the perfect storm of crises we are facing. The Power of KM strikes me as an operating manual for using our heads and our hearts together in creating the future we dream of!

— Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist & futurist, author of Gaia's Dance: the Story of Earth & Us

Brent Hunter’s The Power of KM makes Knowledge Management accessible to everyone who wants to maximize the use of knowledge in their organizations. His unique strategy and tools introduce KM with a simplicity and elegance that will be easy to relate to, understand and utilize.

─ Douglas Weidner, Chairman, International Knowledge Management Institute

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